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Move & Groove


Move it or lose it! We all know it’s good for our health and wellbeing to move more, but getting ourselves to do it can be a challenge. Oceania is piloting a daily music and movement programme that uses Silent Disco technology to help our rest home and hospital care residents become more engaged in movement. Watch the video to see it in action!

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Silent Disco technology uses wireless headsets to bring music and instructions directly into the resident's ears, resulting in fewer distractions and better focus on the movements. The results? Our residents move more, in a variety of ways, for longer periods of time and they’re feeling better! Our physiotherapists have seen improved mobility, better coordination and reductions in chronic pain as a result of residents engaging in daily exercise  – and they love doing it!


Move & Groove is currently being piloted at our Elmwood rest home in Auckland. For more information call 0800 333 688.


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  • “We’re seeing reductions in acute shoulder and arm pain, fewer falls and increased alertness. Anything that encourages our residents to move more with an element of fun is a good thing.” - Richard Horwood, Physiotherapist

  • “Move & Groove gives me something to get out of bed for. I really look forward to it!” - Anne, Elmwood Resident

  • “I’ve noticed a big difference since our residents started wearing the headsets while they exercise. They’re more focused and stay engaged for longer - and they really love doing Move & Groove every day.” - Sarah Ellis, Diversional Therapist

  • “I don’t know how good I am at doing the moves but I like doing it!” - Ann, Elmwood Resident

  • “I love doing the exercises every day.” - Betty, Elmwood Resident

  • “Move & Groove is great!” - Fay, Elmwood Resident

  • “Who would have thought exercise could be so much fun!” - Hazel, Elmwood Resident

  • “I really enjoyed that!” - Peggy, Elmwood Resident

  • “It’s good fun!” - Caroline, Elwmood Resident

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