Sensory Rooms


Sensory Rooms combine light, gentle movement, music, scent and tactile objects to stimulate or calm residents with dementia.


Watch our video to find out what residents and their families have to say about our Sensory Rooms



Dementia care has changed dramatically over the years and delivering quality care includes finding ways to engage, stimulate and connect with each person on their own terms. Sensory Rooms have been researched and used successfully in Europe for many years. They have been shown to reduce agitation and aggression; decrease wandering and restlessness; and improve interaction with family, staff and other residents.


Our Sensory Rooms also offer a relaxing and peaceful environment for residents requiring other levels of care including rest home, hospital or palliative care. 


Oceania has Sensory Rooms at the following facilities:

Greenvalley - North Shore

Elderslea - Upper Hutt

Woodlands - Motueka 

Eldon - Kapiti Coast 


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Sensory Room brings smiles to faces of dementia sufferers


Room stimulates all the senses


Multi Sensory Environments - The Benefits


Multi Sensory Environments - The Theory


Sensory Rooms - Who can Benefit?


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  • “The Sensory Room helps my sister to be more alert and happier. She talks a lot about the lights and colours while she’s there.” - Beverly, sister of Kay

  • “Barbara got slightly more aggressive as her dementia got worse. It’s so nice in here. The lights can be moving sometimes and they have some beautiful scenery stuff that changes on the TV. Barbara is more settled in here than if she’s just sitting out in the lounge.” - Kevin, Husband of Barbara

  • “He’d get confused. He could become verbally aggressive. Dad was calmer when he was in the Sensory Room. I felt relief that he was settled.” - Sandra, daughter of James

  • “Dad really likes the room and as a family we find the room very calming and a nice place to be. It is such a lovely room, I donated two salt lamps so that the residents can enjoy them to relax. They give off an amazing calming light.” - Leigh, daughter of Gordon

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