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Virtual Reality


Lack of mobility shrinks an elderly person’s world which can lead to boredom and even depression. Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR) technology, we’re bringing the world into our rest homes. Residents are able to travel to places they never thought they’d see and revisit the familiar stomping grounds of their youth. Personalised VR experiences even make it possible for residents to visit with family in far-away places or return to the neighbourhoods where they grew up. Watch the video to see how VR is making a real difference to residents’ lives.


VR technology creates a realistic 3D image that makes residents feel like they’re really there! Each VR experience can be tailored to the resident's interests and history. They can choose a different destination each time or return to a favourite experience again and again. VR has become a very popular part of our residents’ weekly activities programme.

Virtual Reality is currently being piloted at our Lady Allum rest home in Auckland. For more information call 0800 333 688.


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  • “It’s fantastic. I had the Andes mountains last week and you feel like you’re really there!” - Jenifer Plummer, Oceania Resident

  • “A very unique experience. I really enjoyed it! I’d be happy to do it again.” - Stephanie Dignan, Oceania Resident

  • “Very interesting and quite surprising. I’m looking forward to the next time.” - Jocelyn Kennedy, Oceania Resident

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