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Why Choose Us?


Our Staff

A comfortable and happy resident is directly linked to the quality of our people, so we place heavy emphasis staff selection and on-going training. It’s fair to say our professional development programme is unmatched in New Zealand.


Development programme

We have two fulltime training staff overseeing our professional development programme to make sure it supports our promise of best-in-class care. Met by this is our staff’s passion for what they do and the on-going desire to up-skill. Our progressive pay structure recognises this and rewards staff for taking their training the full distance.


Comprehensive training is essential in our eyes. By design, it covers CPR, first aid, health and safety, food control and a host of relevant clinical topics. In fact, our training is so thorough it wins awards. In 2015, 2014 & 2013 Oceania won the ‘Health Ed Trust Training and Staff Development Award’ at the New Zealand Aged Care Assistance Excellence in Care Awards.


Person-Centred care plans

What really sets Oceania apart from other places is the highly individualised care we provide each resident. We develop a unique Person-Centred Care plan for every resident in our care.  A Person-Centred Care plan includes likes and dislikes, but are not just about whether you like crackling with your roast pork. They cover 18 key aspects including their medical history, the likelihood of falls and accidents, other risk factors, family relationships, culture, spirituality and more. Care plans are developed with family and each plan is closely monitored by the resident’s registered nurse. Every staff member assigned to the resident will read the care plan so that they know what to do and what not to do, to care for each resident. Care plans are reviewed every 6 months, in consultation with family, or more frequently if conditions for the resident change. 




Come dine with me

Fresh, tasty, nutritious and loads of variety, our home cooked meals are what you’d cook for yourself at home. Shepherd’s pie, roast pork with crackling, lambs fry and bacon, fish and chips and other old favourites are served with all the trimmings. And why not have a glass of wine if you fancy?


Don’t let it spoil you for dessert – it might be bread and butter pudding, sticky date pudding or strawberry ice-cream and berries. Take your time. Enjoy. Chat to friends. And, if you can manage it, have a second helping of pudding.


Occasions and celebrations

Food isn’t just about our old favourites though. We often have theme days, like Bastille Day or St Patrick’s Day. Activities Coordinators get into the theme - making flags and rosettes with the residents, playing music and decorate the dining room. Everyone, including staff, get dressed up. And the kitchen teams show off their culinary skills with themed treats like croissants and Coq au vin.


Balanced nutrition

Our National Culinary manager designs delicious, balanced summer and winter menus for all of our homes, including theme menus. Menus rotate every four weeks, so there’s always something new to look forward to. In amongst the family favourites there’s the occasional culinary surprise, like chicken satay for the more adventurous. There are also menus for special dietary needs, meaning everyone always eats well.


Friends and family

Food is about family and friends getting together and sharing the moment. So do as you’ve always done and invite them over for a Sunday lunch. They’ll always be made to feel welcome. And you’ll enjoy it as much as ever.




Activities with a twist

Afternoon tea with a real NASA astronaut, a day out as an extra in a TV commercial, a Guy Fawkes party with all the neighbourhood families, five retired 50’s fashion models taking one last twirl on the catwalk – sound like something you’d do at your home? Our residents can say ‘yes’.


All-time favourites

Of course, we also have the perennial favourites, like old time sing-alongs, quizzes and games, Zumba and exercise classes, bowling, guest speakers and SPCA animal visits. And the resident’s minivan is hardly ever sitting idle, usually on the road for shopping trips, heading to shows, lunches, picnics, gardens, parks or beaches.


Special interests

No need to give up the hobbies that have kept you out of trouble all your life. You can join in with others and chat while you work, or you might prefer time by yourself to concentrate and get some space.


We believe life is for living, which motivates our Activity Coordinators to constantly come up with ideas to make sure there’s something for everyone – be it high or low octane. So if you’d prefer get involved in something a bit quieter, or simply enjoy your own company, the choice is yours.


Fill your day with things you love. After all, it’s not just the young ones who have all the fun.


Great Reasons to Choose Oceania Care

Amazing staff

Our people are Oceania’s most prized asset. From our carers and cooks to our registered nurses and gardeners, they’re all passionate about aged care and providing a friendly, supportive home environment for you. We celebrate our people’s diversity and encourage them to share their rich cultural and spiritual heritage with other staff and you.

You’re in control

We think everyone needs to have their say about things. Like when you want to get up, what you want to wear, the food you eat, where you want to eat, the activities you want to do (or not do), the personal touches to your room, and if you’d like a glass of wine with your dinner. You can choose to be your own boss, or you can choose to let us guide you.

Fabulous food, home cooked meals

You’ll love the daily choice of favourite, home-cooked meals prepared with fresh, seasonal produce. Combine food with good company and you have a social event, which is our goal each day. Oceania has won the NZ Aged Care Association's Bidvest Excellence in Food Award three times. 

Activities you’ll love

We’ll keep you busy doing things you love. Shopping trips, visits to cafes or local attractions, scenic drives - our vans are constantly on the move. At home we have guest speakers and performers, quizzes, exercise classes and crafts. We’re constantly looking for new ways to capture your interest, keep you entertained and active.

Award winning training

We lead the way in New Zealand aged care training. Our high standards were recognised by the New Zealand Aged Care Association through the Excellence in Care awards where we have won the Staff Training and Development Award three years running. Oceania Healthcare has also won the Innovative Delivery award in 2018 & 2017.

Continuity of care

You’ll have total peace of mind of knowing that as your care needs change, we’ll be able to provide for it. From independent living, to rest homes, specialist dementia, palliative, respite and hospital level care – we have it covered.

Room choice

A room with a view, private en suite, a larger room, kitchenette, or rooms for couples – we have a range of rooms that offer you more features than our standard hospital or rest home room.

Values based care

We live and breathe the Oceania values of ‘respect’, ‘excellence’, ‘passion’ and ‘deliver’. An example of how we deliver these, is our G.U.E.S.T. resident service technique, which guides how staff interact with our residents every day.

26 years caring for New Zealanders

You might have the impression that we’re the new kids on the block, given the Oceania Healthcare was established in 2008, but behind our youthful exterior we have 26 years’ experience in Rest home and hospital care. Oceania Healthcare was born through a merger of ElderCare and QualCare, two long-established companies.

Progressive and responsive

Our on-going commitment to innovation has helped us to score a number of industry firsts. We recognised that people wanted first-class care delivered in a first-class environment, so we created Care Suites - luxury hotel-like surroundings with in-room care that will support you all the way from rest home to hospital/palliative care level.

Best in the industry

Winners of the NZ Aged Care Association Supreme Award for Overall Excellence in Care in 2017, 2016 & 2015, as well as multiple awards for our food and staff training. When the New Zealand Aged Care Association recognises us for excellence in these areas, you can be confident our residents are getting the best.

Responding to you

Who better to tell us how we’re doing than our residents. Oceania receives hundreds of unprompted letters and calls praising every aspect of our care. We also formally survey all our residents and their families twice a year, to discover what’s working and what we need to change.

Accredited by DHBs

Our formal independent audits for the Ministry of Health and District Health Boards ensure we have policies in place at every site, and that we comply with those policies.


With over 35 facilities offering care throughout New Zealand, we are one of New Zealand’s largest and most established providers of aged care.

Industry leaders

Oceania actively seeks to positively influence the future of our aging community, so we actively engage with aged care stakeholders. We also belong to the Retirement Association of New Zealand and the Aged Care Association.

Dementia care specialists

We are a leading provider of dementia care in New Zealand. Our staff receive specialist training in dementia, so they understand how to help and support dementia-affected residents and their families.

Physical independence

Keeping our residents as active, mobile, and independent as possible, is a priority for us. We do this by running appropriate exercise programmes, arranging access to physiotherapy when it’s needed and encouraging plenty of movement throughout the day.

Clinical specialists

We’ve separated our clinical roles from operational roles, so the people who care for you only need to focus on your needs. Someone else will fix the drains.

Effective disaster recovery

If a crisis occurs – such as an earthquake or flood – the fact that we’re in over 40 New Zealand locations with more than 3,000 staff means we have the capacity to find alternative homes for all of our residents.






  • "Please pass on our thanks to you and your team who have done a marvellous job in caring and settling dad in. The professionalism and level of care has been excellent." - Daughter of Oceania resident

  • "You are all very special people, I saw the dignity and respect you show all the residents including my mum, I head back overseas in the knowledge she is very well cared for." - Daughter of Oceania resident

  • "I love to be here. The staff are absolutely incredible. I feel so safe and that's the main thing." - Dorothy Girven, Oceania Resident

  • "Rettie, thank you, all of your staff have done more than we could have ever achieved alone. 2 years and 5 months after our mum fell down and broke her hip – she has melted with your persistent loving care and got up from her chair. Mum’s psychogeriatricist said she may never get up. You have proved this wrong." - Family member of Oceania resident

  • "It occurs to me that 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.' To me this means the endless patience, encouragement, support and tireless care your staff give my family cannot be understated." - Family member of Oceania resident

  • "The staff I had most contact with were Diane, Lorraine and Mia. They have been just fantastic, but I realise that everyone has contributed to Mum’s overall care. There were mornings when I had to wait for the staff to finish hugging Mum and telling her to have a lovely time when I came to take her out." - Family members of Oceania resident

  • "Just want to let you know how happy and grateful our family is, not only for the superb care you’re providing for our Mum but also for the wonderful respect and kindness everyone shows to residents and family members." - Family of Oceania resident

  • "On more than one occasion, the nurses came in to talk to Alan and say goodbye to him for the day, before they left at the end of their shift. They all loved him and cared for him in a most special way, even though Alan was unable to speak very much due to a stroke." - Niece of Oceania resident

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