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Calling All Book Lovers


Come along to the Book Lovers Coffee Club, a series of free monthly events that are open to the  public and being held at our retirement villages in Mt Albert, Milford and Meadowbank. Bring a friend, enjoy morning tea and hear the story behind the stories of some of New Zealand’s most talented authors.





Meet the Authors


Trevor Jones calls himself a ‘A Mature Writer’ and says that’s someone who’s old enough to have the experiences to create a wide variety of stories but not wise enough to keep them to himself. His collection of short stories in Short and Interesting manage to cover a lot of terrain – love, loss, humour, crime and the occasional drop of blood.


Maria de Jong  has been telling other people's untold stories through biographies for 9 years. The biography Island View  traces the roots of the Harsant family from England in the 1850s to modern day Hahei where they still farm the land of their ancestors. Maria will also share tips for those wanting to preserve their history through writing their own memoir.



Claire Bunt took the barest details told to her by a fellow international
work-camper in Nigeria in 1966 and later at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin five years ago to create the seed of an idea for her novel, Walter’s Story. Claire shares a work-camp experience in Yugoslavia in 1967 and explains how it helped her create an authentic backdrop for Walter’s life in East Germany.



Where and When

Everil Orr Village

63 Allendale Road, Mt Albert

10:30 - 11:30am



Tuesday  15 May - Trevor Jones

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Tuesday  12 June - Maria de Jong

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Tuesday 10 July - Claire Bunt

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Lady Allum Village

20 Napoleon Ave, Milford

11:00 - 12:00pm



Thursday 24 May - Trevor Jones

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Thursday  21 June - Maria de Jong

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Thursday 19 July - Claire Bunt

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Meadowbank Retirement Village

154 Meadowbank Road, Meadowbank

10:30 - 11:30am



Wednesday 30 May - Trevor Jones

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Wednesday 27 June- Maria de Jong

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Wednesday 25 July - Claire Bunt

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For more information, or to RSVP for an event, call 0800 333 688 or email



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