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Living in a Care Home providing Hospital care


Life is not dull. Our residents want to make the best of things. While they feel frustrated by their loss of independence they realise there are plenty of things they can be involved in and enjoy. And there are so many kind and skilled people who go out of their way to help them live life fully.

There are plenty of choices for residents that are able, to do what they want, when they want, eat what they want, talk to who they want, have their room how they want, have people visit when they want…. the list goes on. We encourage and support them to tell us how they want to live their life. This is their home and their life.

The meals are a huge highlight. Every meal has a choice from a menu of fresh, tasty, nutritious family favourites, selected by Jess our dietician. Whether it’s a soft, pureed or standard meal, there is a choice and variety everyday. Breakfast is usually in bed but the main meal can be in the dining room with others, or if they prefer, in the privacy of their room. For many, a good meal is even better when you share it with your family, so families are always welcome. 

Having people of all ages around means there are always staff and residents to share what’s happening in each others lives. There is plenty of chatter.

 Our Diversional Therapists adapt activities so everyone can be involved - exercises, crafts, keeping up with the news around the world, visiting entertainers and school groups. They are constantly coming up with outings to go out and about in the local community – afternoon tea at a café, a morning  fishing, afternoon at the pub, a drive to see familiar places or to see the changes and new developments happening around town.  Our vans are equipped to take wheelchairs, and staff come along, so mobility and getting out and about is sorted.

Capturing the outings and events on a camera is part of the fun so they can be shared with family and friends on the Care Home’s walls, newsletters and webpage. Take a look at what some of our residents have been up to in the webpage gallery at Gracelands and Elmwood.    


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  • "My wife had the most professional help from the management, nurses and caregivers. She was treated with the utmost kindness at all times and the devotion of the staff was of the highest standard. My family and I are so grateful her needs were catered for in such a friendly environment." - Husband of an Oceania Resident

  • "The staff are what make this place so good, I couldn't be getting better care. Night and day I've got bells I can push and they come immediately. It's taken such a load off my wife, me being here. I have my own furniture so I feel at home. It really is superb here." - Oceania Resident

  • "I wish to express my appreciation for the care my sister received in the three years she was with you. She told me several times she had never been happier. She was very happy to be relieved of all her work, and just be cared for." - Brother of an Oceania Resident

  • 'My wife was very happy and very grateful for all the help and assistance she received. It was a burden taken off our shoulders to know she had the greatest care 24/7' - Husband of an Oceania Resident

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