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Living in a Rest Home


Well actually, people love it. Just pop along for a visit and have a chat with our residents. You’ll soon discover how well looked after they feel and how it is much better than they would ever have imagined. 

There are plenty of choices to do what you want, when you want, eat what you want, talk to who you want, have your room how you want, have people visit when you want…. the list goes on. You choose how you want to live you life, you just happen to be in a Rest Home.

The meals are a huge highlight in our Rest Homes, and not just because you don’t have to cook it yourself. Every meal you get to choose from a menu of fresh, tasty, nutritious family favourites, selected by Jess our dietician. Breakfast can be served in bed but you are encouraged to join other residents in the dining room for other meals. A good meal is even better when you share it with your family - so you can invite them along if you like. 

Having people of all ages around means there are always staff and residents to share what’s happening with you and your family, and you in turn find out what’s happening in their lives. Our Diversional Therapists help you keep up with what is going on in the world and are constantly coming up with outings and activities so you can go out and about in your local community. They usually keep a camera on hand and put the photo’s on the Rest Home’s webpage to show family and friends. Take a look at what some of our Rest Homes residents have been up to in the webpage gallery at Atawhai and Woodlands.    
Our Rest Homes quickly become a home away from home. 


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  • "My father fought going into care for so long but he found his fears were certainly groundless with the care and attention he received. He told me he was happy to be there which spoke volumes to me." - Daughter of an Oceania Resident

  • “My wife receives great care and the way staff talk to residents make them feel at home. The amount of activities that go on is good therapy as well.” - Husband of an Oceania Resident

  • "Two of my adult children are in the medical field and the caring professionalism of the staff was noticed immediately. The staff really seem to enjoy their jobs, each other's company and working as part of a team. I would often hear them humming or singing bits of songs when they assist residents down the corridors" - Wife of an Oceania Resident

  • 'The whole facility is like a home away from home. It couldn't be a more loving place, there's a beautiful atmosphere. As far as I'm concerned they're tops, always so caring. You're treated like a person, a real human being. I couldn't fault them in anyway actually.' - Oceania Resident

  • "The care Mum receives is just super, she's been really well looked after. The food is fabulous, clothes are always clean, beds always clean. If anything happens the staff are always straight on the phone to tell me what's going on. They've been amazing" - Daughter of an Oceania Resident

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