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Friends like these

01 June 2016

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Wayne visits his friend Robbie at Woodlands everyday

Motueka Guardian


At Woodlands Rest Home we have a younger gentleman named Robbie who has a friend called Wayne. I think everybody should have a Wayne.


Wayne comes in every single day, rain or shine. He stays most of the day, only leaving briefly during meal times. Soon after, he returns. Wayne and Robbie play cards and board games, sometimes they just sit and watch TV, they go out to garage sales or to McDonalds. They are always laughing and seem very happy.


One day Robbie was very unwell for quite some time and we were all worried. It was just a chest infection but Robbie was on a nebuliser regularly that week. He looked and sounded terrible. Wayne just sat beside him all day, everyday, and kept Robbie company no matter what the day brought.


I think everybody should have a Wayne. I often include Wayne in our outings and celebrations at Woodlands. I know if Wayne comes along, so will Robbie. We invited Wayne to the Christmas party last year and gave him a small gift. How else can I thank this man that does such a wonderful job of entertaining and passing time with one of our residents.


A few months ago we decided Wayne should come to Woodlands for lunch every Friday. We don’t know Wayne’s circumstances and we worry about him sometimes. Fridays are fish’n chips or a barbeque in the summer, often with a celebration attached. Wayne was excited about the Friday lunches. He called it a ‘date’ and made an obvious effort to dress up for these events. It’s my role as Diversional Therapist to nurture and console residents and their families during difficult times but in his own way, Wayne nurtures us. Everyone should have a ‘Wayne’ by their side as they face the challenges of ill health and growing older.


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