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Dementia Care


Care starts with getting to know the resident, learning about the resident’s previous life, their likely dementia symptoms and the possible cause of behaviours. The registered nurse collects this information to build a unique Person-Centred Care plan for the resident. This plan is shared with everyone who cares for the resident and is reviewed and updated to reflect the residents current care needs. Families and staff keep in touch with changes to care with phone calls or face to face chats. Families are also an important part of the care reviews where they join the GP, nurse and other professionals to discuss the resident and plan future care.

Personalised Dementia Care 

Residents with dementia often have confusion with time, place, person, and in their interpretation of an event or situation. They can have symptoms such as anxiety, agitation, depression and aggression. By understanding the person’s world, the carer finds ways to encourage desirable responses, reassuring and redirecting, stimulating without overloading, and choosing carefully whether to allow their perceptions or guide them to reality.

There are many different therapies offered to residents, such as Art therapy and Light therapy (also called Snoezelen), where the goal is to help the individual find a calmness in their day to day life. When residents are happier and calmer, they enjoy life more and need less medication. Every resident responds differently to the different therapies so it is the skill of the carers to find what works for each individual.


Who lives in a Specialised Dementia unit?

Residents vary in their levels of activity but everyone can move around on their own. They are often quite chatty and sociable, can appear pretty independent, but aren’t able to live in their own home anymore.


It is usually a combination of several things that indicate more specialised dementia care is needed including: 

•    wandering away from home and being lost as to how to get home or what to do next
•    Forgetfulness causing dangerous situations like leaving food cooking
•    becoming confused, fearful or agitated with situations they can’t understand
•    Not remembering to eat, drink, wash, have medications and take care of themselves
•    seeing, hearing or believing in things that are not real.

Residents have been assessed by a DHB NASC Needs Assessor as needing Specialised Dementia care. Residents move to a Dementia unit, from their own home where a partner or family member has been helping them live day to day, following a stay in a public hospital, or from a Rest Home where they had been living. 

What makes our caring staff so great?

While it may sound clichéd, it does take special people to care for residents with dementia. Carefully selected and trained for their roles, our staff know how to manage angry outbursts, repetitive singing and actions that unsettle the average person. 

Support for the resident’s family and friends’ is critical to help them understand and accept the changes to the resident brought about by dementia. By getting to know family, talking and listening often, and involving them in the day to day life of the resident, the families gain support and stay part of the resident’s life.



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  • "Our family are extremely grateful for the compassionate and professional care given to our Father at Addington Lifestyle Care. The staff are extremely dedicated and always strived to ensure his dignity was maintained and all aspects of his person respected." - Daughter of an Oceania Resident

  • "You hear so many bad stories about elderly people in care and very few good reports – I felt I have to let you know the team are very dedicated and committed to their residents." - Friend of an Oceania Resident

  • "Thank you for keeping us informed about our Grandparents progress. It's hard when you live so far away, but knowing they were in good hands helped us get through each day. You are Angels from heaven and do an incredible job." - Grandchildren of Oceania Residents

  • "To the amazing staff, thank you so much for all the love and care that you showered on Dad. Your kindness has humbled our family and we so appreciate it, as did Dad. What you do everyday is truly incredible so thank you." - Daughter of an Oceania Resident

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