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Cost Structure

What will it Cost?

A simple guide to understanding costs associated with purchasing a Right to Occupy a Retirement Village apartment or villa


There are 4 key cost elements associated to living in a village:

  1. The Occupation Licence Payment
    This is the amount you pay upfront as a capital sum. This amount secures an Occupation Right Agreement giving you the licence to occupy a villa or apartment.
  2. The Facilities Fee
    The Facilities Fee details are set out in the Occupation Right Agreement. Your solicitor will explain these details to you before you sign an Agreement to purchase a villa or apartment. However, a general explanation of the Facilities Fee is:
    • The fee is an amount equal to 10% per annum of the Occupation Licence Payment. This fee accrues on a monthly basis for the first three years of occupation.
    • The maximum amount payable as a Facilities Fee is equal to 30% of the Occupation Licence Payment.
  3. The Weekly Fee 
    This fee covers the ongoing maintenance and overhead costs of running the village. The fee varies from village to village and covers costs such as building maintenance, gardening, roading, outdoor lighting, utilities, community centres, insurance, and the village van costs. This fee is fixed for life- guaranteed and stops when you vacate your unit.
  4. User pays Goods & Services
    These are goods and services that you may wish to have just like your own home that are not covered in the weekly fee eg. home phone, broadband, SKY TV, personal contents insurance, entertainment outside the standard village activities, home cleaning, meals.


How much will be refunded when I leave?

When your villa or apartment is vacated, a new incoming resident can be offered the Occupation Right Agreement. Once the new resident has paid their Occupation Licence Payment you, or heirs to your estate, will receive a refund. The amount we refund is called the Net Refundable Amount.


Here’s an example to demonstrate how the Net Refundable Amount would be calculated for a Villa priced at $200,000 that was occupied for 8 years:


Occupation Licence Payment


Less Facilities Fee (capped at 30%)

- 60,000

Less contribution to legal costs

- 490

Less contribution to sales & marketing costs (2.5%)

- 5,000

Refurbishment costs


Net Refundable Amount


Each villa and apartment is individually priced so our Village Manager will be able to advise what is currently available and its price.


Occupation Right Agreement Steps:

  • You will be asked to sign a Sales Application for the villa or apartment you have chosen. This document simply requests that Oceania offers you an Occupation Right Agreement – this is not a legally binding document and you have no obligation to purchase if you change your mind. The application can include the fact that you need to sell a property first. You will also be given an information copy of the Occupation Right Agreement and our disclosure documents.
  • When our legal team receive your Sales Application, they will send an Occupation Right Agreement to your solicitor.
  • We ask that your get from your doctor a medical certificate stating that each resident is capable of living independently.
  • Your solicitor will explain the Occupation Right Agreement to you before you are asked to sign it; we ask your solicitor to provide us with a certificate saying the Agreement has been explained fully to you.
  • Your solicitor will also ensure you have appointed an Enduring Power of Attorney for both Care & Welfare and for Property.
  • There is a compulsory 15-working day cooling-off period from the date you sign the Occupation Right Agreement so if you change your mind you can simply advise your solicitor to cancel the Occupation Right Agreement and your full deposit will be refunded to you.


  • "I wish I had moved to the village much sooner than I did because the companionship is here when needed. The activity program has grown from strength to strength over the last two years. The location is excellent and the village has property to suit everyone's budget." - Bessie Salmons, Oceania Resident

  • "I really welcomed the newsletters and the meetings with the Registered Nurse to set Mum’s care plan in place." - Daughter of Oceania resident

  • "The friendly environment is very comforting. I value my own space, which I have at the village, but there is also always a resident to have a cuppa and a chat with when needed." - Elizabeth Head, Oceania Resident

  • "The advantage of having rest home and hospital care (on site) played a huge part in our buying." - Ley Quennell, Oceania resident

  • "I am surrounded by lovely gardens and friends and neighbours. It is a great comfort, you never need to feel alone and I know I only have to press a bell if I need help." - Mary Harris Oceania Resident

  • "On the first day several residents popped in with muffins or small bunches of flowers to make sure Mum felt welcome. It was not long before she knew someone who knew someone and indeed knew some of the residents directly. It was a big move for Mum and she has settled really well thanks to the team." - Son of Oceania resident

  • "To me, the security and peace of mind are very comforting. Also, my husband lives in the hospital so I can spend as much time as I want with him. The newly refurbished community centre is becoming the hub of the village." - Val Payne, Oceania Resident

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