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Why Choose Us?


Support at Hand

Support at a retirement village means different things to different people but here are some of the ways we can help:

  • we make getting to the shops so much easier as most villages have a village mini van that’s used for regular outings.
  • you need never change a light bulb again, because our own team are there to help you with any maintenance jobs and to keep the village clean and tidy.
  • you can choose to do as much, or as little, of the gardening as you like because we have experienced gardeners available to keep the gardens looking great.
  • many villages offer meals in the community centre so, if you don’t feel like cooking or want to dine with friends without doing the dishes, this is a great option.


Activities You’ll Love

You’ll have so many choices of things to do, when you move to a retirement village, your biggest problem will be deciding what to do next.


The community centre is the heart of most villages as it’s buzzing with activity. Computer clubs, Tai Chi classes, hobby groups, board games afternoons, church services, guest speakers, musicians and community group entertainers; not to mention the BBQ’s, Fish and Chip Friday’s, and movie afternoon’s – plenty to take your fancy on your doorstep.


Residents with the support of the village manager, organise and create activities that support the interests of the village community, so there are lots of fresh new ideas coming from all directions.

Feel free to join in as much, or as little, as you want.


12 Great Reasons to Choose Oceania Retirement Living

Sense of community

Enjoying good company in the village is easy. Catch up with your neighbours, visit the community centre or have a change of scene with a group day out. Whatever you do, you’ll like the sense of belonging and being able to choose how much or how little you want to get involved.

Friends and family welcomed

It’s your home. So you can have friends and family visiting at any time, just as you always have. You can even invite family to share a meal at the community centre and join in the activities.

Activities you’ll love

Keep busy with the things you love. Do your own thing or tap into the many organised events. Whether it’s a shopping trip, visit to a café, catching a show or taking a scenic drive, our vans are constantly on the move. And the options don’t stop there - we have happy hours, guest speakers, tournaments and loads more for you to choose from.

Independent living choices

We have a range of independent living villas and apartments in 24 villages right around the country. You can choose the place that suits you best.

Care as you need it

When you’re living independently in a village, you can make life easier with care and services that come to you in the comfort of your home. If you need more help, most Oceania villages have a resthome/hospital care facility onsite.

Fixed weekly fees - guaranteed

The fixed weekly village fee covers rates, building insurance, use, maintenance of all community facilities and common areas as well as maintenance of your unit, lawns and gardens. As it’s fixed, you know where you’re at financially, so there won’t be any unexpected costs.

Fabulous staff

Your gardener, van driver, kitchen staff and village manager all love what they do and the residents they do it for. A large number of them have been with us for many years, so they’re an integral part of the village community. You’ll soon get to know them.

Say good bye to maintenance

There’s a lot to be said for hassle-free living. Gardening, lawn mowing and external building maintenance are taken care of, giving you more time to do the things you really want to do.

Re-sale of your unit

We take responsibility for refurbishing and re-selling your unit once you leave. Payment will be made to you or your estate within five days of the new buyer settling in full with us.

No capital loss

Managing your estate is important. To take the uncertainty out of how much you or your estate will receive when you leave, any capital loss or gain will be absorbed by Oceania.

Industry leaders

Oceania actively seeks to positively influence the future of New Zealand’s senior community, so we stay engaged with aged care stakeholders. We also belong to the Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand and the Aged Care Association.

26 years in the retirement and care sectors

You might have the impression that we’re the new kids on the block, given Oceania Healthcare was established in 2008, but behind our youthful exterior we have 26 years’ experience in care home and hospital care. Oceania Healthcare was born through a merger of ElderCare and QualCare, two long-established companies.


  • "I wish I had moved to the village much sooner than I did because the companionship is here when needed. The activity program has grown from strength to strength over the last two years. The location is excellent and the village has property to suit everyone's budget." - Bessie Salmons, Oceania Resident

  • "I really welcomed the newsletters and the meetings with the Registered Nurse to set Mum’s care plan in place." - Daughter of Oceania resident

  • "The friendly environment is very comforting. I value my own space, which I have at the village, but there is also always a resident to have a cuppa and a chat with when needed." - Elizabeth Head, Oceania Resident

  • "The advantage of having rest home and hospital care (on site) played a huge part in our buying." - Ley Quennell, Oceania resident

  • "I am surrounded by lovely gardens and friends and neighbours. It is a great comfort, you never need to feel alone and I know I only have to press a bell if I need help." - Mary Harris Oceania Resident

  • "On the first day several residents popped in with muffins or small bunches of flowers to make sure Mum felt welcome. It was not long before she knew someone who knew someone and indeed knew some of the residents directly. It was a big move for Mum and she has settled really well thanks to the team." - Son of Oceania resident

  • "To me, the security and peace of mind are very comforting. Also, my husband lives in the hospital so I can spend as much time as I want with him. The newly refurbished community centre is becoming the hub of the village." - Val Payne, Oceania Resident

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