What is a Care Suite?


A Care Suite is like an apartment with care provided at rest home and hospital level. Care Suites generally have an ensuite, lounge area, and kitchenette. The best part of owning the right to occupy a Care Suite is that more support is added at any time including hospital level care – which means there’s no need to move if your needs change.

Who are Care Suites for?


Care Suites are for people who:
are 65 years and older
want their care to come to them as their needs increase.


Most residents who come into Rest Home level care do so after being assessed by a District Health Board Needs Assessor, however a referral is not required to live in a Care Suite.

What will it cost?


There are 4 cost elements when living in a Care Suite.
1. The Occupation Licence Payment
This is the amount you pay upfront as a capital sum. This amount secures an Occupation Right Agreement giving you the licence to occupy the Care Suite.
2. The Net Management Fee
The Net Management Fee details are set out in the Occupation Right Agreement. Your solicitor will explain these details to you before you sign an Agreement to occupy a Care Suite. The maximum amount payable as a Net Management Fee is equal to 30% of the Occupation Licence Payment.
A general explanation of the Net Management Fee is:
For the first 12 month period of occupation, the fee is a fixed non-refundable amount equal to a percentage of the Occupation Licence Payment; and
For subsequent 12 month periods of occupation, the fee is an amount equal to a percentage of the Occupation Licence Payment, where this fee accrues on a monthly basis.

3. The Daily Care Fee for Contracted Care Services
This daily fee covers the residential care services we are contracted to provide by the local District Health Board. The Daily Care Fee amount is set annually by the local District Health Board for aged care facilities within the DHB. The same Daily Care Fee is charged whether a person chooses to live in a standard care room or Care Suite.
You may be eligible for a Residential Care Subsidy or Residential Care Loan to help cover all or part of this Daily Care Fee depending on the outcome of your WINZ financial assessment. Call WINZ on 0800 999 727 to discuss further.
4. Goods and services that are available but are not covered in the Daily Care Fee
Phone and broadband costs within the care suite
SKY TV, magazine and newspaper subscriptions
Clothing, toiletries and hairdressing
Podiatrist (for some medical conditions) and Physiotherapist (if rehabilitative)
Hearing tests, ear wax extraction, and dental health maintenance
Entertainment activities outside the standard activities programme
How much is refunded after a person vacates the Care Suite?
Once your Care Suite is vacated, a new incoming resident can be offered the Occupation Right Agreement (ORA). Once the new resident has settled their Occupation Licence Payment you, or the executors of your estate, will receive a refund. The amount we refund is called the Net Refundable Amount.
Here’s an example to demonstrate how the Net Refundable Amount would be calculated for a Care Suite ORA priced at $100,000 that was occupied for 3 years:


Occupation Licence Payment 100,000
Less Net Management Fee (maximum 30%) - 30,000
Refurbishment costs none
Net Refundable Amount $70,000

In this example the daily cost of the ORA is less than $28 per day over 3 years.
Each Care Suite is individually priced so our Business and Care Manager will be able to advise what is currently available and its price.


Next Steps for moving into a Care Suite


Usually the care-related steps outlined below can happen at the same time as the steps required for purchasing an Occupation Right Agreement.

Care-related steps:
If you haven’t already been assessed as needing residential care you will need to arrange a Residential Care needs assessment. You can either ask your GP for a referral to a NASC needs assessor, or you can request an assessment directly from your local District Health Board.
You will need to appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney for both Personal Care and Welfare, and for Property. These are legal documents that give another person of your choice the power to make decisions on your behalf if the need arises. A solicitor or the Public Trust will need to do this for you.
If you wish to apply for a Residential Care Subsidy or Residential Care Loan you should call WINZ for advice about eligibility (0800 999 727). They will ask for information about your assets and income so it’s a good idea to have gathered this information together before you call.
Before admission you, or your Enduring Power of Attorney, will need to sign an Admission Agreement. This agreement outlines the services Oceania will provide, our charges and our obligations to you. It also outlines your obligations, rights and responsibilities.
Occupation Right Agreement steps:
You will be asked to sign a Sales Application for the Care Suite you have chosen. This document simply requests that Oceania offers you an Occupation Right Agreement – you have no obligation to purchase if you change your mind. You will also be given an information copy of the Occupation Right Agreement and our disclosure documents.
When our legal team receives your Sales Application, they will send an Occupation Right Agreement to your solicitor.
Your solicitor will explain the Occupation Right Agreement to you before you are asked to sign it; we ask your solicitor to provide us with a certificate saying the Agreement has been explained fully to you.
There is a 15-working day cooling-off period from the date you sign the Occupation Right Agreement. However, we recognise that moving into care sometimes happens in a hurry, so residents can move into their Care Suite earlier provided that the Occupation Right Agreement has been signed and all necessary approvals have been obtained.


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