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What is Hospital Care?


Hospital care is the highest level of care given to residents in a Care Home and includes end of life care or palliative care and Respite care. The term “Hospital care” is a way to describe the amount of support, or “level of care” a resident needs. Some elderly residents in Care Homes need help with most things while others don’t need much help at all. Hospital care is given to elderly residents living in the hospital part of a Care Home, that need a high level of support in all aspects of everyday life. Not all Care Homes offer Hospital care.


Who receives Hospital care? 


Residents can come directly from their own home or a public hospital, but most often they have been receiving Rest Home and/or Dementia level care in a Care Home. There are a wide range of people receiving Hospital care but in general they need help with all cares, and need the assistance of two people to move around. This usually means they will need help with personal cares such as showering, toileting, dressing and possibly feeding. 
Residents’ mental state can range widely and includes people with dementia. This is because dementia residents’ who are unable to wander anymore due to reduced mobility, can be safely cared for in a hospital setting. 
Many residents move to hospital care at the end of their lives, when their care needs are increasing and changing. They need help to be available 24 hours a day for all aspects of personal care, medication, pain management and emotional support. This also allows their families to be involved in their lives and care as much or as little as they are able. Families can provide the resident support and be supported themselves by our staff. 
Residents have been assessed by a DHB NASC Needs Assessor as needing Hospital level care.


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  • "I wish to express my appreciation for the care my sister received in the three years she was with you. She told me several times she had never been happier. She was very happy to be relieved of all her work, and just be cared for." - Brother of an Oceania Resident

  • "The staff are what make this place so good, I couldn't be getting better care. Night and day I've got bells I can push and they come immediately. It's taken such a load off my wife, me being here. I have my own furniture so I feel at home. It really is superb here." - Oceania Resident

  • "My wife had the most professional help from the management, nurses and caregivers. She was treated with the utmost kindness at all times and the devotion of the staff was of the highest standard. My family and I are so grateful her needs were catered for in such a friendly environment." - Husband of an Oceania Resident

  • 'My wife was very happy and very grateful for all the help and assistance she received. It was a burden taken off our shoulders to know she had the greatest care 24/7' - Husband of an Oceania Resident

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