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What is Palliative Care?


Palliative care refers to care for those people who have a life limiting illness and particularly around the care of our resident’s who are close to the end of a life. 
The aim of palliative care is about maximising their quality of life and to make a person as comfortable as possible.   The care takes a holistic approach to the person and their family and involves caring not only for their physical being, but also their social, spiritual and cultural needs.  Palliative care encompasses s not only the needs of  the resident but also embraces  their family and friends as well.  
At Oceania many of our staff have had training to help them recognise and meet the needs of residents when they are nearing the end of their lives. We view our facilities as the resident’s home and encourage family and friends to feel that this is a place they are welcome to be at this difficult and precious time.  There are no restrictions on visiting and if a family member or close friend want to stay overnight this is usually easily arranged.    
If families wish to be involved with care we will guide and support them in this as they feel able – or else we will continue to do our very best to meet their needs and that of the family. There is always a cup of tea, or staff member near by when you need one.                                              
Our team will respond to any needs of the resident and their family and work closely alongside their GP. We also  have the capacity to draw upon the skills and expertise of outside providers if required, for example, the local Hospice service.


Give us a call if you're looking Palliative care.  Our experts are here  9am to 8pm weekdays and 9am to 5pm weekends, so why not ring them on 0800 333 688.



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  • ‘I have always been impressed and grateful for the quality of care given by all your staff. We are forever grateful that Dad could finish his days ‘at his home’ listening to music they thoughtfully provided and farewelled by staff who he had become very fond of’ - Daughter of an Oceania Resident

  • "The Staff were always friendly toward us, at times going above and beyond their duty of care to make Dad as comfortable and loved as possible. I am sure Dad appreciated when they made him feel ‘Just that extra bit special’." - Family of an Oceania Resident

  • "We had always feared that something could happen to her and she could lie helpless possibly for days. I was grateful my sister did not die alone. Though it was the wee hours of the morning, staff were with her, and attended to her last request” - Brother of an Oceania Resident

  • 'To all the staff a very big thank you for the wonderful care you gave to Mum. She stayed alive as long as she did because of your dedication, and we were certainly lucky to choose this one as Mum's Rest Home' - Daughter of an Oceania Resident

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