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What is Rest Home Care?


Most people think of a Rest Home as a place where elderly people live, but the term Rest Home has two meanings in Aged Care. Rest Home is also the term used to describe the lowest level of care provided in an Aged Care facility. 

Rest Homes provide varying “levels of care” as some residents need very little care while others need help with most things. The three most common “levels of care” are known as: Rest Home, Hospital and Dementia. Each Rest Home varies in levels of care they offer. 
Rest Homes are also called Aged Care Facilities, Care Homes, Retirement Homes or Nursing Homes. 


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  • “My wife receives great care and the way staff talk to residents make them feel at home. The amount of activities that go on is good therapy as well.” - Husband of an Oceania Resident

  • "The care Mum receives is just super, she's been really well looked after. The food is fabulous, clothes are always clean, beds always clean. If anything happens the staff are always straight on the phone to tell me what's going on. They've been amazing" - Daughter of an Oceania Resident

  • 'The whole facility is like a home away from home. It couldn't be a more loving place, there's a beautiful atmosphere. As far as I'm concerned they're tops, always so caring. You're treated like a person, a real human being. I couldn't fault them in anyway actually.' - Oceania Resident

  • "My father fought going into care for so long but he found his fears were certainly groundless with the care and attention he received. He told me he was happy to be there which spoke volumes to me." - Daughter of an Oceania Resident

  • "Two of my adult children are in the medical field and the caring professionalism of the staff was noticed immediately. The staff really seem to enjoy their jobs, each other's company and working as part of a team. I would often hear them humming or singing bits of songs when they assist residents down the corridors" - Wife of an Oceania Resident

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Oceania provides Rest Home, Hospital, Dementia, Respite and Palliative/End of Life Care, as well as Independent Retirement Village living, at over 40 New Zealand locations.

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